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Make a DIY beautiful necklace

1. first step   corel

Recently, I am fans to made the necklace with the coral ,the coral picked up from the beach ,so the shape will have different ,and you will have different design inspiration to made the unique necklace…


2. green leaves



3.As a link with copper wire



4. Use the spiral way let the copper wire to fixed around the coral



5. Using tongs around a circle, for a fixed chain part


Like this:


6.  leaves above paste to the coral, deserve to go up coffee chamois leather rope



7.  free Shaped glass beads


8. Always feel a little light, match a pendant see the effect



9.finished(Because the coral is fragile, so there is no use make hole way, but with the way of copper wire winding fixed,)



If you think is very beautiful.   J : )


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